Mech Tech

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Mech Tech is a new space strategy game by YNK Interactive.

Coming Soon!

Mech Tech is a real time strategy (RTS) game for PC specializing in ship development and unit creation for PvP combat. Players also have the option to join special missions alone or with other players. After each match, players are rewarded experience and gold, which can be used to improve the ship and units for future battles. How a player develops each unit and their ship will greatly alter the strategy and approach of every battle.

Mech Tech
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4 Responses to “Mech Tech”

  1. By mas on November 25, 2010

    YES!!! FIANLLY!!! NOVA2 IS OUT!!!!

    i miss the game soo much (but fact the nova 2 has few players compared to nova 1492.. this game is fail)
    but still, both nova 2 and 1492 lags for me due to me living in united states, this is very good news to me!
    (and i can use tips from korea and have foreshadow tips >:3)

    game it self is like original shattered galaxy (tactical commanders time) u have a base, this time it can fly without boosters (and can attack while flying..) ur ship has classes, which goes to attk, def skill based, production, raid, curse, intel, and TRANSFORMERS etc

    units are simpler to make, as cannon type requires leg and cannon, while arm gets complicated with arm part.
    enchant is rather easier, but less clear for i recall its vulcan, putting 29 pts adds same ammount of damage as 30.

    AI fights are pretty stratagical then units, as enemy just attacks in straight line with mass number or strong unit. so so called zombie (cheap, HP based unit) tanking a dealer (normally cannon or shoulder type, high dmg and speed and rage) takes out enemy.

    pvp is harder now as base can fly anytime, so something common is base flying in to your base and start making short range terror unit (high dmg, cheap) and use def skill (tho it isnt 100% block now, still good for terror) and destroy like 2~3 enemy base for cost of ur own (and become VIP of match or hero or etc)

    the game is simple but with many things to think about, and etc.

    ps. personally hate 3rd tier having skills and etc as i dont feel like using skills when its busy doing controls to hit and run and make units and use base skills as well…

  2. By mas on November 27, 2010
    lol didnt knew there is english game called ‘nova’

    the korean name for tat game is nova.
    nova 1492 -> nova 2

    people prefer 1492 for being lagless and more fun >>

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