Survivor The Living Dead

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Take control of Amber Chaplin, a 20 year old girl being plagued by the walking dead. After witnessing her brothers violent death at the hands of a bloodthirsty cannibal Amber flees her attacker and the cemetary the two had arrived at just a few minutes prior. But its gettings dark. The trees are melding together and she’s being pursued by shadows in the distance. Hope seems all but lost before she discovers a large house in the clearing up ahead. But the house is deserted, there are no ideal weapons at hand and there are no phones. Can she last indside the house until sunrise? What then, will she be rescued? Or will she be consumed by the ones out there, those unrelenting things that seem to be driven by one impulse alone, one undying urge.

To Eat.


Survivor The Living Dead
61.0 MiB - 516 downloads

• 15 unique weapons, as well as your own deadly innovations.

• 4 varieying modes of gameplay each with its own difficulty. Including a story mode.

• Special options and a reward system that allow you to earn new items and become stronger.

• Over 1000 original frames of oldschool pixel animation. As well as some shoddy game art.

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