Dawn of War 2 Comunity is extremely childish

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So, as reported on many website the dow 2 comunity is terrible, i my self never thought about registering on their forums, even if i like the games, coz of that, but since to enter the beta of retribution 1 week earlier i just registered.. good move, then since i was there i wanted to have a civilized discussion about retribution the game.. BAD MOVE.

Here is the thread:
The thread was locked! Reason: Beacouse i replied with insults to a tard who insulted me first! Btw the topic of was about this:

ME:“Hi, i just registered to get 1 week earlier in the beta of retribution. Would like to discuss a little problem if possible. I am a multiplayer player, i don ‘t like dow 2 single player at all, i haven’t played no dow 2 campaign, and no chaos rising campaign, well actually i played in co-op 2-3 mission of dow 2 before giving up to boreness and never touched it again. So basically 30 bucks (for me) for 1 new army and a couple of maps, and no 4vs4? I would like to suggest Relic to allow (if possible) to release a multiplayer only version of retribution, with a big discounted price for those who have dow 2 and CR. Since (for multiplayer) i already have 5/6 of the game, they could sell it for 5-10 bucks, i think that with steam isn’t that hard to check if some1 has bought dow2 and CR. Thanks to relic if they would want to reply, and to all the others who wanna talk. But i would like an official relic answer.”

Gorb (moderator):“Okay, I’m locking this because Firesword, all you do is insult people who get exasperated at your inability to read their posts and then insulting type “no offense eh” afterwards. It’s obvious “offense” is meant, so please don’t try and hide it. Your questions have been answered, if you still don’t think it’s a good enough deal then simply wait for it to come down in price. Simple as that.”

In the end it sums up like.. The game is priced 30, we don’t give a fuck you bought the previous two games, just buy for 30 euro or go fuck yourself. And we lock this thread beacouse we do as the fuck we like! If you read the topic i linked you can clearly understand how bad is that comunity, full of unmoderated kids and un-professional moderators.. I mean look a the Gorb moderator avatar = , this image alone pretty much says it all. I would like also to mention that i sent him a private message asking why, and reporting him that i just replied to another dork who were talking to me in an offensive way. Neither less to say i got no reply, he was very fast to hide a thread who could obscure the brand new launch of retribution, but he wasn’t as much fast in replying my pm.

This has nothing to do with the Relic games! I like them, this is just a bad comunity which is highly beacouse of un-professional moderators. So register at their forums to get the beta (and 1 week earlier of previous games owners!) but don’t expect much more..

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  1. By Máté on January 21, 2011

    Amazingly stupid.

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