Dawn of Fantasy – Official Trailer

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Dawn of Fantasy will be published by 505 Games on June 3rd, 2011

International videogames publisher 505 Games have today proudly announced a publishing deal for Dawn of Fantasy, an upcoming massively multiplayer online real time strategy (MMORTS) title from developer Reverie World Studios. Set in the massively multiplayer fantasy world of Mythador, which supports its own living economic, trading, development and diplomacy systems, players will be given the opportunity to leave their mark on the land’s already war-torn history.


Thousands of Players living, building, exploring and fighting together to crush AI and player controlled strongholds and empires, in a rich tapestry of story-driven encounters. In a world that continues to trade and evolve even after logging off, players will also be able to test their armies’ fortitude in auto-matched head-to-head multiplayer encounters on their road to becoming the biggest city-state in Mythador.

Each of the three different races available to players – elves, men and orcs – offers a radically different playing style based on a carefully balanced system of strengths and weaknesses. With an in-game narrative driven by a dramatic historical background, Dawn of Fantasy will combine rich storytelling with compelling gameplay to provide a strategy experience to appeal to MMO and RTS fans alike.

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