Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles

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Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles is an Arcade-Action Puzzle Game developed by independent games company Yuan Works.

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Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles
28.6 MiB - 360 downloads

There’s an RPG-style Story Mode that takes over 30 hours to beat (some players have even topped 100 hours!)
W&W was initially commercially released for the Korean handheld GP2X and Wiz with great feedback, followed by an international release on Dreamcast in America, Europe, and Japan.
Featuring 100% hand-crafted old school 2D pixel art graphics, it definitely is refreshing from modern big-name games.

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  1. By YuanHao on February 13, 2011

    Thanks for the news FireSword!

    In case you’re interested, we just release a new version with Mouse support, more info about it on our DEV blog: http://dev.yuanworks.com

    Hope that you like the game and feedback is appreciated!

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