Extraterrestrial Grail

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The outer space board game of cunning and strategy!

The object of the game is to have possession of the Grail when the alarm goes off at the end. You will stop at nothing to gain possession of it. Whoever does not have the Grail in their possession at the end of the game, their character and planet is blown to smithereens (they lose). If no one has the Grail, then everyone loses. Travel past the stars to different planets and search for the Grail before time runs out or protect the Grail.

Extraterrestrial Grail
5.7 MiB - 256 downloads


* choose between 8 unique aliens with different special abilities!
* choose from 25+ attribute cards which include weapons, viruses, teleportation devices, and much more!
* create your own custom deck of attribute cards to play with in game!

Word about this game was sent to our attention, by the game Author on our forum so we gladly share with you.

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