Call of WarHammer v1.4.4 (Total War Mod)

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This is a mod for Medieval 2 Total War Kingdoms v1.5

Every Chaos god now has a Champion, who want to unite the North and march to the South and conquer it. There are too many Orcs in the Badlands again, and little space for them, a new WAAAAAAGH! lead by the Big Boss begins. Fenix King sends his expedition to the Old World to help the Empire and Kislev, because if the North unites, they won’t have a chance to survive. The Empire and Kislev… they just have to save the world one more time, and stand once again for the South…

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This is a 4 parts download:

Call of WarHammer v1.5.1 (part 1)
1.8 GiB - 27,041 downloads

Call of WarHammer v1.5.1 (part 2)
1.8 GiB - 19,773 downloads

Call of WarHammer v1.5.1 (part 3)
1.8 GiB - 17,806 downloads

Call of WarHammer v1.5.1 (part 4)
128.5 MiB - 16,781 downloads

Outdated download, previous version:

Call of WarHammer v1.4.4
2.0 GiB - 3,593 downloads

Call of WarHammer v1.4.4 (part 2)
930.4 MiB - 533 downloads

Call of WarHammer v1.4.4 (part 3)
930.4 MiB - 514 downloads

Call of WarHammer v1.4.4 (part 4)
926.4 MiB - 509 downloads


1. The Mod is installed over M2TW Kingdoms version 1.5
2. Unzip the archive with the Mod, launch the installer (file with extention EXE) and install the Mode into the folder Medieval II Total War\mods\
3. Get sure that there has appeared a new folder Call_of_Warhammer in the folder mods!!! If it is not there, search for it in the folder \Program Files, maybe the path of installment was given in a wrong way. When you find it, drag the folder Call_of_Warhammer int your folder Medieval II Total War\mods\ . In this case you will also need to edit the path in the tag into correct one.
5. The mod is started by the shortcut on the desktop, or by the file \mods\Call_of_Warhammer\warhammer.bat
6. Play.

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6 Responses to “Call of WarHammer v1.4.4 (Total War Mod)”

  1. By John Bubuz on February 26, 2011

    Momento: è una mod esattamente per “Medieval 2 Total War Kingdoms”? Perchè mi risulta che il gioco base sia “Medieval 2 Total War”, mentre “Kingdoms” è una espansione…

    inoltre: sai se ci siano anche gli eserciti degli uomini lucertola e dei Bretoniani???

    A moment: this is exactly a mod for “Medieval 2 Total War Kingdoms”? Becouse I know that the base game are named “Medieval 2 Total War”, and that “Kingdoms” are only an expansion of this.

    In addiction: you know if there are also the Lizardman and Bretonnian army’s?

    • http://www.twcenter.net/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=1377

      It is for mw2tw – kingdoms v1.5 , the Bretonnia and Lizardmen factions should be in, if they are not they will be at some point, the game is planned to have a grand campaign and 4 regional campaign other than multiplayer battles.

      After install 1.4,4

      delete folder

      and files descr_water, descr_water_effects, descr_water_interaction_effects

  2. By John Bubuz on February 27, 2011

    Damned! They continue to change the number and size of the file to download: now is the 3th time that I try to download its from yesterday …

  3. By Pasta on March 17, 2014

    I cannot properly extract the files. It says “cannot open the file as an archive”. Not really sure what I’m doing wrong, I’m not new to modding and I haven’t encountered this issue before. Oh, and I’m using 7-Zip.

    Any help would be most welcome.

    • Hi, i’ve downloaded the files and uzipped them with 7zip (it gives an error on file ENG_music-6.bin, but after unpacking the file is there so the mod should work fine) here are my suggestions:

      -Download from the original source (v1.51)
      -Or wait i will make a new mirror for version 1.51, but this will take some time.

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