BattleField Play4Free goes Open Beta April 4th

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Well i tried BattleField Play4Free closed beta, i must say i remembered BF2 graphic much better, it’s an enjoyable game with persistent mmo element, which is your soldier makes levels and train in various skills, basically if you are not a pilot you can’t fly a jet.. It’s an ok game, but basically it’s a BattleField Heroes version of the (now a little old) BattleField 2.

From the news:

Battlefield Play4Free has been in Closed Beta for over 3 months, during which time much progress has been made. Countless hours have been poured into adding new maps/weapons/clothing/features and functions, as well as stomping all over those nasty bugs.

Well, we have some great news for you! In approximately 1 month Battlefield Play4Free will move out of Closed Beta and into Open Beta. During this final month of Closed Beta we will be focusing on crushing even more bugs, adding polish and maybe even adding some more awesome to the game! Once we hit Open Beta EVERYONE will be able to sign up and gain access to the game right away, without having to wait to receive a Beta key.

With an enormous influx of players expected as we move into Open Beta, we will be doing everything we can to prevent the swelling numbers from grinding the site, services and game to a halt. As such, we will be increasing access to Battlefield Play4Free in a tiered fashion. These tiers are as follows:

* March 31st: Our brothers and sisters in arms, those who have played in Battlefield Bad Company 1&2, Battlefield 1943, and of course Battlefield Heroes, will be invited to grab their guns and start pushing for flags in Battlefield Play4Free.*
* April 2nd: Our Facebook and Twitter followers will be treated to early Battlefield Play4Free access.
* April 4th: Battlefield Play4Free will move to Open Beta and be instantly accessible to EVERYONE!

BattleField Play4Free
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