Forsaken World is about to begin!

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Forsaken World Open Beta

Going live March 9th, the Open Beta for Forsaken World is about to begin!

At long last, the closed beta period is coming to a close. With the closure of Phase 4, Forsaken World will at last be ready to officially launch! This means no more wipes, no more selected entrance, no more waiting for the real thing! Remember – the launch of Open Beta includes a complete character wipe! Everyone will start from scratch as soon as the servers come up for Open Beta! Download the client, make sure you’re up to date, and then get ready to log in on the 9th to begin winning the favor of the gods back for the forsaken world of Eyrda!

Where female dwarves don’t have the beard..!!

Forsaken World will offer a rich free-to-play experience with 5 races (Stonemen, Elves, Dwarfs, Humans and the Kindred), 8 classes (Warrior, Protector, Assassin, Marksman, Mage, Priest, Vampire and Bard), and 11 occupations (Socialite, Adventurer, Merchant, Collector, Arcanist, Botanist, Astrologist, Armorsmith, Bladesmith, Tamer and Alchemist).

Forsaken World looks to be a beautifully rendered game where East meets West, and is the first from Perfect World designed with the Western market in mind at creation.

Forsaken World
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