Gabe Newell challenge the Hackers

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Newell’s Steam log-in email is “,” and his password is “MoolyFTW.”

Gabe Newell shows the people a new steam security system, basically even knowing (hacking?) the login and password you can only access your account if you are doin it on your computer (which generates via cpu a unique serial key). I am pretty sure a lot of hackers are already wasting time and sleep hours over this.. lol

BUT i have a question..
If i change computer and i don’t remember some of my cd-keys.. did i loose the games? And what actually happens when the legit owner uses another computer to get in to the steam account?

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  1. it seems a good system after all, basically if i have understood correctly, now the hackers must hack your e-mail too.. but steam (should) warn you that from another computer some1 accessed your account hence you (should) have the time to change password and other things..

    Well time will tell but at first sight this seems more secure than many online banks.. which is a bit scary if u think about it 😆

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