Mount and Blade WarBand Mods

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A nice collections of mods for the very good Mount and Blade WarBand.

Mount & Blade WarBand Mods
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mount and musket battalion

WW2 ChinaBattleField

Sword Of Damocles

Fantasy Persistent World

The Hundred Years War

Hey don’t forget there is a commercial expansion coming out soon..
With Fire and Sword (not me lol)

Key features:

* Introduces firearms and battle formations
* Multiple endings for high replayability
* Enhanced siege mechanics: storm the castle, blow up the wall, bribe an officer or poison the well/food to get past the defenses!
* 7 new multiplayer maps: Nomad Camp, Moscow Cremlin, Moscow Fortress, Novgorod Fortress, Swedish Castle, Teutonic Castle, Field by the River
* New Multiplayer mode: Captain. Up to 16 players can each command a squad of soldiers

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  1. By Gransoporo on March 13, 2011

    ben fatto Cribbio! ben fatto

  2. By Gransoporo on March 14, 2011

    seguo questo tuo fantastico blog da tempo. Mi hai fatto scoprire Mount and Blade, e per questo te ne sarò grato per sempre.

    • Ti ringrazio, continua a seguirci 😆

      Si Mount and Blade (pur non essendo perfetto) e’ un gran gioco, io personalmente gioco esclusivamente alla parte multiplayer di WarBand..

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