Thorns of War

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Thorns of War is a combination RPG and Sim which is played through your browser. Unlike your typical RPG the entire world began as a vast forest filled only with streams and monsters, ready for players to build every road, cottage, fortress, bridge, and shop. Unlike your typical Sim you take on the role of an individual character, building his or her wealth, skills, and reknown within a world filled with numerous other real people.

Thorns of War
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Thorns of War is not your ordinary RPG where you spend day after day grinding through levels and searching for the best items. The key to enjoying this game is simply to take on a role within the world and to live out your character’s life. You learn by doing, simple as that, just like in the real world. You can choose a craft in which to specialize, or try them all! Then pay NPC hirelings to sell your goods in a shop that you build anywhere you want to build it. Or perhaps you’d prefer to learn to track, butcher, use a bow, and move through the forest unseen in order to provide meat, leather, sinew, and fur for other players living in the village that you’ve built together. Or maybe you want to increase your fighting skills and collect a fee to guide merchants through the dangerous countryside. It’s completely up to you!

Key Features:
* MMO Role Playing Sim Nearly all homes, shops, villages, fortresses, and items are created by the players.

* Skill Based No levels to grind through. Practice makes perfect.

* Open World Forget linear progression and predetermined outcomes. This is a wide open world for you to settle and explore.

* Single Shard Thorns of War is designed to expand forever in size rather than expanding over multiple servers.

* Content Thorns of War is updated several times per month with new features and improvements!

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