Black Prophecy Open Beta for ALL!

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Open Beta for European and American StarFighters..

Two new open beta servers have been opened: Kemmura (EU English) and Shinava (EU German). Residents of the US and Canada who were previously selected for closed beta testing will be able to continue playing but new accounts from these areas will not be able to connect to the European servers. However, a North American closed beta test with local servers is coming very soon.

Black Prophecy is the first Sci-Fi Space MMOG that dares the step towards action-oriented gameplay from a third-person and first person perspective. Begin your journey into space and experience fast-paced real-time action as a fighter pilot in countless hazardous missions and epic battles. Jump into your cockpit and engage the enemy threat solo, or join powerful clans and fight alongside fellow comrades-in-arms.

Black Prophecy
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