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The U.S. Army has released a major update to the America’s Army 3 PC Game. This new AA3 update includes two new multiplayer maps, Shantytown and Stronghold, and a number of new features including new gameplay for “Every Soldier a Sensor.” The AA3 game can be downloaded free from Steam and from Deploy Client partners (list on AA official site).

America's Army 3
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Additional Features

New Achievement Coins – New achievement coins are awarded to the player for ES2 gameplay achievements were added into the game. A few of these achievements include Clean Sweep (awarded when a team reports all the ES2 objects in a single round), What’s That (awarded when a Soldier reports his/her first ES2 object) and What’s Yours is Mine (awarded when a Soldier lets teammates take all of the items in an ES2 object they have reported). Players will also be able to earn Soldier Sensor coins in bronze, silver, gold and platinum, depending on the number of ES2 objects they report.
New Blue Force Tracker (BFT) Features – The BFT which provides forces with location information has been enhanced. Players may now change the zoom of the BFT or alter the transparency of the extended map using the mouse wheel. A spectator extended map has also been added.
Steam Leaderboards – Steam leaderboard and stats updates will now be available when running the game through Steam
Admin Control Panel – An Admin Control Panel has been added to allow server providers to manage servers in-game. If the user has the appropriate server access, it will appear in the main menu.
Performance – Updates also include a number of gameplay weapons and map performance improvements.

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