Free-to-Play Games on Steam

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Steam now support Free to Play games, well at least officially, since they made an announcment on their store page, they had some free games already running (like Americas Army or Trackmania Nations Forever). Now it seems we will see more freegames on Steam, this seems a direct response to GamersGate move (a rival digital shop).

Link to Free Games on Steam (some of them)

The Games announced are:

Alliance of Valiant Arms
Champions Online: Free for All
Forsaken World
Global Agenda: Free Agent
Spiral Knights

I guess i have no excuses to try this Forsaken World game now… 😆

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  1. By BTL on June 15, 2011

    Spiral Knights looks good, I might have to give it a try.

  2. By chinoui on September 20, 2011


    • You are welcome, but please stop saying thank you in every post..

      Vous êtes les bienvenus, mais s’il vous plaît arrêter de dire merci à tous les postes ..

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