The Rosslyn Adventure v0.1

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The latest game from Ovine, a nice puzzle-adventure. Unlock the secret of Rosslyn Chapel and find the great treasure the templar knights left.

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The Rosslyn Adventure v0.1
55.3 MiB - 393 downloads

The Rosslyn Adventure is only available for the Windows Operating System make sure your graphics card supports pixel shader 2.0

Warning: Avira Antivirus tells me that the game has a virus. Ovine is a well known game delevoper and i highly doubt he will allow or make a thing like that. Download and play at your own risk! 😆

This is probably a false positive as Ovine (the game Author) explains:“We do not supply our software with virus attached. We use a 3rd party packing program that protects our media which some virus programs falsely mark as a virus. Presumably because at some point a virus has been released using the same packer.”

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