GOG 6 Million download event

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When the counter on the main page of hits 6 million, two exciting things will happen. First off, the lucky user who downloaded the 6 millionth unique game will receive everything that’s currently in the catalog, absolutely free! Secondly, everyone who has an account on will be able to download Broken Sword: Shadow of The Templars Director’s Cut for free. The offer will be valid only for 48 hours starting from hitting the milestone.

The moment i am writing this post the counter is around 5,924,750 so the free download will be available very soon.

Link to

Hey also don’t forget the unofficial free Broken sword 2.5:
Link to Broken Sword 2.5

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3 Responses to “GOG 6 Million download event”

  1. By BTL on September 27, 2011

    Keeping my eye on this 🙂

    • i would say the game will be available for download in the next 48 hours.. more or less..

      29th september there is the Battlefield 3 beta to download as well.. 😉

  2. By BTL on September 29, 2011

    This is nearly on 6 million now.

    Only 2000 to go.

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