War of the Immortals – Announcement Trailer

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Perfect World Entertainment next game, is an action-MMORPG called War of the Immortals.

War of the Immortals
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4 Responses to “War of the Immortals – Announcement Trailer”

  1. By BTL on October 3, 2011

    Oh, it’s got dragons in it?

    I think dragons are the new zombies. We will get loads of games with dragons in now.

    Then, they might move onto zombie dragons! 🙂

    • Zombie Dragons? I would say guild Wars 2.

      But yea those Draconians (half-dragons) can’t compete with Zombie-Dragons.. 😆

      In a mmo named Istaria you could actually play as a Dragon!

      This War of immortals is more like Diablo style btw. Cya.

  2. By BTL on October 3, 2011


    Where are you going?

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