End of Nations

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RTS Battles with 50 players! And Free to play 😉

Every End of Nations player will have full access to all the heart-stopping action-packed strategic warfare that the game offers, including massive scale battles of over 50 players, a huge persistent world, and customization options to make every army and unit unique. Gamers can play in the solo campaign, in co-op mode with up to 50 other players, and in “Conquer the World” multiplayer in giant conflicts of up to 26 vs. 26 for global control of the massive persistent world. There’s no time limit on access, and all players can play for free.

End of Nations is being developed with strategy gurus Petroglyph Games, the creative minds behind the original Command & Conquer (WestWood Studios?).

End of Nations
10 bytes - 800 downloads

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3 Responses to “End of Nations”

  1. By Máté on October 8, 2011

    Looks great, what are the restrictions for free play?

    • http://www.endofnations.com/en/game/faq

      What does a free player get?
      Free players get access to the entire game. The campaign, the 50+ person co-op, the “Conquer the World” metagame, the huge 52-player head-to-head multiplayer, everything.

      Why are you offering a subscription?
      The optional subscription is just a way to offer the best value to our most committed players. End of Nations can be enjoyed entirely without the subscription, but subscribers will get a significant amount of value and convenience extras for their monthly fee. The optional subscription is all about value, but not about gameplay advantage.

  2. By Máté on October 9, 2011

    Thanks, this sounds quite fair.

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