Beat the Mines – a new mini-game from G4G.IT

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Woot! There is a new flashgame made by us! What are you waiting for?
Go play it! 😆

You can play it:

Here (g4g.it)
Here (NewGrounds)
Here (Mochimedia)

Check out our other mini games.

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7 Responses to “Beat the Mines – a new mini-game from G4G.IT”

  1. By gas on October 15, 2011

    Ha una logica ‘sto giochillo?XD

    • Solo causare ilarita o strappare una risata quando l’eroe finisce in mille pezzi quando schiaccia una mina.. 😆
      Cmq ha uno scopo il gioco, salvare la principessa con a disposizione 3 tentativi.. memorizza il percorso! 😆



      The guy asked me if the little game has a logic, i answered just cause laughter or make a laugh when hero hit a mine and goes in pieces… 😆
      Anyway the game’s goal is to save the princess and you have three attempts.. try to memorize the safe path! 😆


  2. By Máté on October 15, 2011

    I started without reading the instructions, then while collecting yellow stuff, suddenly WTF BOOM! (and everyone died)
    Do you plan on making unity games btw?

    • Unity is a great tool.. but i don’t think.. i am just an hobbyist and Unity seems to require too much time to learn..

      EDIT: Thinking better i think you had a very rare bug..you hit with 3 lives left but all the lives got wiped..

  3. By Máté on October 16, 2011

    I found a rare bug first time playing? I should try lottery now.

  4. By Máté on October 17, 2011


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