Bullet Physics Library

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Bullet 3D Game Multiphysics Library provides state of the art collision detection, soft body and rigid body dynamics.

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Used by many movie and game companies in AAA titles on Playstation 3, XBox 360, Nintendo Wii, PC and iPhone
Modular extendible C++ design with hot-swap of most components
Optimized back-ends for pthreads/Win32 Threads multi-threading and PS3 Cell SPU
Preparation for OpenCL data parallel optimizations for upcoming Bullet 3.x

Bullet Collision Detection can be used on its own as a separate SDK without Bullet Dynamics

Discrete and continuous collision detection (CCD)
Swept collision queries
Ray casting with custom collision filtering
Generic convex support (using GJK), capsule, cylinder, cone, sphere, box and non-convex triangle meshes.
Support for dynamic deformation of non-convex triangle meshes, by refitting the acceleration structures

Multi-physics support including:

Rigid body dynamics including constraint solvers, generic constraints, ragdolls, hinge, ball-socket
Support for constraint limits and motors
Soft body support including cloth, rope and deformable
Bullet is integrated into Cinema 4D, Lightwave, Blender and Carrara, and plugins for Maya, Houdini and 3ds Max are available
Serialization of physics data in the cross-platform binary .bullet file format

The Library is free for commercial use and open source under the ZLib License.

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