BattleField 3 vs Modern Warfare 3 – The Facts

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Ok, so the launch day of this two big winter titles is getting closer, will you buy one or another? Both? Or none of the two? Here some (hopefully) facts.

Battlefield 3

-Single player campaign based on Iran-Iraq Theme
-More multiplayer players, 64 while bc2 had only max 32 (but devs said that the game could have supported up to 128)
-No mod tool, as in BC2 (devs said frostbite 2 sdk is too hard to use)
-Online Stat via website (free)
-Requires Origin, a digital shop similar to Steam (EA don’t like the monopoly Steam is building)
-Gameplay wise the title looks very similar to BC2 with addiction of aircrafts and different gamemodes.
-Co-op modes.
-No private Servers, they must be rented only from authorized providers.

Modern WarFare 3

-Single player campaign more “fictional-movie” resume the story of MW2
-Multiplayer Up to 32 players?
-No mod tool.
-Online Stat via website (free and paid version with advanced features)
-Using Steam.
-Gameplay is identical to previous versions, with some little difference and game modes in multiplayer.
-Co-op modes.
-Private Server allowed.

The above refers to PC versions of the games, please comment to tell me if i wrote something wrong or if i need to add something.. oh and have a nice play.. pew pew pew.. 😆

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4 Responses to “BattleField 3 vs Modern Warfare 3 – The Facts”

  1. By Máté on October 25, 2011

    Nice and all, but why don’t they just admit, that they won’t release mod tools, because they don’t want mods to be more popular, than DLCs? I want PR for BF3.

    • YE Selling DLC is the main real reason beacouse they don t release mod tools..

      I remember back in the days of bf1942, i was addicted to Desert Combat, a super mod.

  2. By Sparrow40k on January 16, 2012

    Controller Support:

    Battlefield 3 = Yes
    Call Of Duty: MW3 = No

    (Though tbh i would like to see a feature for PS3 controller support, not all of us like Xbox configuration.)

    • Ye a controller for the campaign sounds reasonable but for online battles?

      this post was made before the release of the games.

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