Code Vikings Gamepack 2011

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The Code vikings pack include: Crazy Cows – Attack Of The Horny Big Breasted Mammals, Ballman Planets and the original Crazy Cows (1996 by runt time).

Crazy Cows: Attack Of The Horny Big Breasted Mammals is an hilarious realtime action-strategy game, where you have to destroy all enemy cows on each battle.
Ballman Planets is an addictive and extremely fun tribute to the classic Pacman game!
Crazy Cows 1996 is a turn-based strategy game.

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Code Vikings Gamepack 2011
139.5 MiB - 433 downloads

Crazy Cows – Attack Of The Horny Big Breasted Mammals comes with expansion pack, manual and Ati patch. Use the Ati patch only if you have problems with the rendering of the game.

Crazy Cows (1996 by runt time) : this is the original version of Crazy Cows, warning this version will install a built up special version of Dosbox.

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