Glen Schofield collided with reality check

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I just saw this article on filefront. I was curious and clicked on the twitter link on the page.. haha the page doesn’t exist anymore! lol Someone couldn’t stand the critic.. it seems lol.

Basically the story is Glen Schofield tweeted asking Call of Duty fans to help save Modern Warfare 3′s low Metacritic user score. And HE got PWNED! I mean seriously Glen, you must face reality, your game is funny (no doubt about that) and just beacouse it sells like food it doesn’t mean that you can forget the reality.

The reality is this: MW3 and the cod series is based on the Quake 3 engine, it shows all is age in the graphic compartment compared to the frostbite engine 2, it is only good coz people with lower computer can enjoy their trilion of frames, since it s a 10 years (or more) old engine. MW3 is IDENTICAL at 99% to the other MW, this is a glorified map pack.. IT IS JUST A MAP PACK! I am not saying that i hate the game, for me mw is just irrilevant, but you do good to make always the same game every year.. the gamers like it and (most important) buy it, so keep going but please don’t think that the game is something special or that the metascore should be higher.. This is Science fiction, and an insult to gamers that played the first COD.


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  1. By Máté on November 11, 2011

    I like the story of MW, but the multiplayer is just copy-paste.

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