Dirchie Kart

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Dirchie Kart is a fast and furious hi-def retro remix of 16bit kart racing, hand crafted for time starved racing fans.

Lurking below its colourful veneer of simple graphics lies a detailed physics model, track surface friction and challening AI. This is kart racing designed for racing fans to get a quick fix, you will need to pick a racing line and hit your apexes to be competitive. Challenge your avatar against a host of Dirchie characters in fast and furious single or up to 4 player split screen multiplayer karting. Multiplayer features the standard cup race and a unique party mode, where the players alternately select from Race, Battle and Drag events across 5 or 10 rounds. Layered over the top of these modes are numerous modifiers and a penalty system so you can customise your experience.

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If you have a X360, don’t forget to buy the Xbox version of the game!

Dirchie Kart
86.8 MiB - 433 downloads

The PC version is the full version of the game as it stands in development, so there will be bugs and some graphic glitches. There is a feedback interface built into the game which submits your suggestions directly to the author of the game to monitor.

The game uses XNA 4.0, get the download link at the author site.

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    This looks fun.

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