KillTeam Dow 2 Mod

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Killteam is a 5 player co-op hero defense mod similar in concept to The Last Stand. A group of 5 heroes must survive 40 randomly generated waves of progressively increasing difficulty and overcome powerful bosses to survive.

This is for dawn of War 2 not Retribution.

Dow 2 and Retribution Mods
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Up to 5 player co-op
18 custom heroes
New models and textures
New abilities
Randomly generated waves
Boss fights
Customizable difficulty
Playable on any map, including any custom ones you wish to download or create
Simple drag and drop installation. Does not replace any default files.
Use the Steam group to find people to play with, now with over 300 members!

Also check out other mods and the great skins packs! HERE

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