Indiana Jones and the Passage of Saints

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While Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth is still being developed.. you can give it a go to this short game, the developer made for the fans.

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Indy Passage of Saints
104.9 MiB - 444 downloads

The download include the soundtrack of PoS. The mini game Passage of Saints, the mini game-screensaver Temple of Spheres (2008), the demo of Fountain of youth v1.2 and the demo of the combat system that will be featured in Foy

A festive extra from the Fountain of Youth team, play as both Lando and Indiana in this Christmas-animation extension. Made for fun and nothing more than a bit of a jolly, solve a couple of puzzles and see what’s in store for the Hero with the hat and his friend from Fountain of Youth, the Chap with the…er…polish? First version, naturally there are missing features and interactions, it was made in just a few weeks.

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