Filesonic has shutted down sharing functionality!

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It has just been some few days that MegaUpload has been shut down and the owner and some of the staff got arrested by FBI, the owner and founder of the site Kim Schmitz risk 50 years of Jail!! (This is madness guys and it s not funny). FileSonic got on defense and decided to prevent this to happen to them too, they closed the shared files function.. If you are a regular visitor of this site you will know that i putted a lot of links from filesonic, so what changes for you? Pretty much nothing.

Of every game i putted in this website i always included a link to the Author site, so if the author site is not offline you can still download all the files you want! Some files are collections custom made, for that i will need some time to fix it, sorry for any inconvenience

Now on a comment about this, what USA and FBI did on filehosters is terrible! I agree that there were many copyright files on the filehosters sites BUT i contest the principle, what about the many legal files? What about Internet does not belong to corporations and or America only? This is an attack to world citizens freedom! And for what? For some video,music, games? This is too much power! What will stop them now to shutdown sites like google, youtube, facebook, beacouse there is copyright material and-or shown there too? What will stop them from shutting down any damn site they don’t like? I think that some corporations declared war on their customers..

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2 Responses to “Filesonic has shutted down sharing functionality!”

  1. By satrincha on January 25, 2012

    Many years ago, we had some data filehosters, but it was not profitable because hard drive was too much expensive. At best it was 1GB for an account. Today filehost look like they have no hard drive limit … and its so good when you see a mod for a game take 3GB, a texture pack for GTA 4 take almost 9GB. All is so big now … Closing all this web filehosters will never give there dollar$ back … US Gov cross the line, i hope they (i dont know how) will stop them. (for filesonic i am not sad, they was limit to <1Gb for no prenium, and they are really slow). when you see they can ask for million$ to a poor housewife because she have download 2 songs, it's really scary. Damn of capitalism.

  2. Ye Capitalism without rules is bad since natural resources are limited at some point in history (i hope) people will get out of the current madness. Currency was invented to easy trade, but it shouldn t give the rich citizen more power over the other citizens.

    filesonic made the same mistake of MegaUpload.. putting some servers in american territory.. the land of freedom? 😆 I totally agree with them btw, the fear to go in jail for 50 years is a working threat.

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