Vanguard Princess v1.08 – ヴァンガードプリンセス

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Talked about this one some time ago, there is a new version (which btw is 1 year old the moment i am writing).

VANGADOPURINSESU – VanGuard Princess is a nice japanese 10 characters selectable street fighter type game.

Visit the Author Site

Link to English version Site

NOTE:The “English locale version” is not actually translated; it merely has the correct filenames for people whose systems cannot support Shift-JIS (provided you extract with 7-zip). It will not work if your system locale is set to Japanese.

Vanguard Princess v1.08
173.4 MiB - 8,014 downloads

Vanguard Princess v1.08 – English
168.8 MiB - 17,205 downloads

JApanese Version – If you are not able to run the game: To run the game your windows must be able to read japanese chars, u can also use a microsft program named AppLocale to run unicode games, or if you have a powerful computer u can run in a virtual machine setted up for japanese.

How to run Japanese Software
Using AppLocale (warning advanced users only)
If you use AppLocale, remember to rename the two files xxxxxx.exe and xxxxxx.kgt with an English name (e.g. Vanguard Princess.exe & Vanguard Princess.kgt) you can choose a name yourself, but the two files need to have the same name.

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8 Responses to “Vanguard Princess v1.08 – ヴァンガードプリンセス”

  1. By newbie on November 28, 2012

    i extract the files but each time i try to open the game, it close down by itself….

    • I am pretty sure the download mirror is fine, but just in case try to download the game from the author page to see if the problem goes away. Otherwise it could be a problem with japanese software running on western os, see the guides i posted.. the blue link named How to run Japanese Software and Using AppLocale

      • By newbie on November 29, 2012

        I’ve download it again on the original site but its still the same and I noticed that the applocale is not for me(windows 7)… So, maybe it’s my laptop’s problem…

        • No idea. Try this:


          or as i said use google or your favourite internet search engine to find a guide that tell you how to start the game..

          • By newbie on November 29, 2012

            it works!!!!!! well, i didn’t try that link that you gave though but all i have to do is bypass the administration system on windows 7 and install the applocale and now i can play it already!!! sorry for bugging you so much with my silly problem…i feel bad about it…

            • Np you are welcome, hope you like the game.. now u can play all the japanese games.. and i putted a lot of them here…

              Btw i am uploading an english version of this game.. i found it at the link i sent you.. 😆

      • By newbie on November 29, 2012

        or do i need to install specific softwares like flash player or something else?

        • No, if the download is correct.. u have to set the system to run japanese software.. or you can use AppLocale which is a program from microsoft made to run japanese software. If the guides i posted here in this post (they are in the middle part between images) doesn’t help try..


          or try Google… you’ll find a guide that tell you how to start the game.

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