Web Koihime Musou

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Web Koihime Musou is a strategy simulation game based off the Romance of the Three Kingdoms story. Choose to become a Lord of either the Gi, Go, or Shoku Kingdoms and fight against others in a quest to unite the land!

Join forces with a myriad of beautiful Warlords as you develop your bases and prepare your military for battle! Manage your resources, barracks, and armories. Research and train skills or abilities for your Warlords. Follow trends in the economy and trade goods with other players. Strategize with your alliances and conquer your enemies

Web Koihime Musou
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  1. By mas on March 14, 2012

    hope it works well in US. korean server seems like it laucnehd, then patched for few days right after launch, thus game failed or something.

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