Many World Theory (Public Pre-Release)

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Many Worlds Theory is, at its core, a puzzle game. Each game level has one or more well-defined objectives, usually collecting a number of fuel cell containers, which must be completed in order to be able to progress to the next level. Levels can feature a multitude of hazards and obstacles that make your life more difficult, such as machinery that needs to be activated before you can continue, or menacing Guardbots that halt your progress.

On top of this, there are both offline and online level editors, where you can create your own levels and (in case of the online editor) make your creations available for others to play. Of course, if you’re not much of a creative mind, you can always play the levels made by others, and compete for the best score on each level’s high score table.

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This game is not Freeware. This free version will only receive critical updates going forward, and does not give you access to the online level database. If you want to see what the full game has to offer, you’ll have to buy it! The game is for windows and java (linux and mac not tested)

Many Worlds Theory
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