Heroes and Generals

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Heroes and Generals is an online war game with multiple game modes accessible from multiple platforms. Play the game as the hero on the battlefield, the officer making the tactical decisions to win the battle, the general command devising the grand strategy and everything in between. Every player’s action has consequences for the war effort. The main part of the game is a team based first-person-shooter, but it ties into a persistent game world.

Within the strategy-part of the game, players can move resources around on a strategic world map, and when two Assault Teams meet, the battle between them will be played out as FPS-battles. The strategy part of the game feeds resources into the action game. There will be 3 gamemodes for the FPS-part of the game for launch; Assault, Skirmish and Interdiction. Assault is a type of domination gameplay, Skirmish is a regular team-deathmatch, and Interdiction is an attack on supplylines. The game will include World War II era tanks, planes, and land vehicles. Infantry units are also a vital gameplay aspect. Tactical decisions made by officers in grand campaigns affect in-game support, reinforcements, and logistics. Players will encounter a variety of terrain, from vast fields and war-torn countrysides to cities embroiled in conflict.

Heroes and Generals
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Heroes & Generals will also feature unique features that will set it apart from other World War II games. The use of fast terrain vegetation will allow players to hide in brush and tall grass without worry of being spotted by snipers. It will be a free to play game, but, unlike other f2p online shooters, it will also have a campaign, various vehicles, improved graphics, and various small details which would make it comparable to games such as the Battlefield Series or the Call of Duty series. Also, the game will be able to be played using a tablet or smartphone, and instead of being a different version of the game, it will be inside of the same world in which PC gamers are going to be playing in. However, they have a different role in the game, in which they are commanders, or people who move troops and assault teams, call in airstrikes, ect. This will give the game a new element of realism that few games strive for.

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