L.A.W – Living After War

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A devastating nuclear war left earth in ruins. Survivors fled the earth on space-ship “Tomorrow” to return 200 years later and rebuild civilization. But upon their return they are confronted with the genetically superior descendants of mankind – the Nak. Cast out by the humans, the Nak retreat deep into the last untouched areas of earth to found their own civilization in unison with nature. Which side will you choose?

L.A.W - Living After War
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In the dark, post-nuclear world of L.A.W – Living After War classic MMO elements meet exciting real-time strategy (RTS) features for PvP (player-versus-player) gameplay. Through tactical usage and direct control of ground and airborne units players fight large scale battles over rare resources. These battles are not round-based, but are fought on persistent battlefields and are open to all players, all the time.

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