Renaissance Heroes

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Renaissance Heroes is an all-new online multiplayer 1st person shooter set in a re-imagined 16th century Europe.

Renaissance Heroes
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Join the hunt for the blueprints of the Da Vinci Machine.
Enter the world of the 16th century Renaissance filled with science, alchemy, and brutal combat!

* 8 gorgeous maps inspired by real historical and geographic locations, such as Leonardo da Vinci’s worshop in Milano, the Medici family’s Villa in Firenze and the Sultan’s palace in Constantinople.

* 3 Game Modes including frantic free for all combat, intense team vs. team battles and 1v1 Duels.

* Twists on the game modes with Rifle-only, Crossbow-only, Melee-only and Hyper Speed variations.

* Various difficulties of Bots to practice against.

* 4 Characters each with their own unique combat specialties and story motivations.

* Daily Quests and over 100 Achievements

* Rage Mode, that will give you extra combat power and survivability when you need it the most.

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3 Responses to “Renaissance Heroes”

  1. By Máté on June 2, 2012

    Do you know The Crucible? It’s also medieval themed characters with modern stuff, like triple rotating barrel AR-15 and FN Minimi styled rifles, 6 barrel remote controllable rocket launcher, lightning gun, warhammer and stuff like these, made by the creators of Ballistic Weapons for UT 2004. Here’s a link: http://www.runestorm.com/crucible

    • Not bad, i liked also Hexen and Hexen 2… pretty good classics..

      • By Máté on June 3, 2012

        There should be more like those. And a new Blood would be awesome too. At least there’s gonna be a new Carmageddon.

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