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Wolfram is a remake of Wolfenstein3D on a modern engine, Volatile3D II, with new graphics, physics and gameplay features.

Visit the Official Site

The Download here includes American version and patch 1.1, at the official site you can download the Russian and English version, if i understood correctly in the english version there is no reference to nazi symbols and stuff, which in countries like Germany is illegal to dispay.

WolfRam v1.1
189.6 MiB - 787 downloads

Also don’t forget you can play the original game in a browser… LINK

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  1. By Máté on June 24, 2012

    Is it a face lifted Goldsource engine? It look great.

  2. As i stated no1 can make me change idea.. 😆

    Besides just for precision:

    Quake 2 – November 1997

    Half-Life – November 1998


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