The Kite

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Warning: This game is not suitable for kids.

The Kite is a small acute social point-and-click adventure. The main character of the game is Masha, a resident of a regular town in 90th. She is a loving mother and careful wife, but her husband, full of different problems, falls down to the alcoholism and domestic abuse. Masha agrees to tolerate, but not when it is about life and health of her child, she is ready to do anything… The game is not recommended for pregnant women and very impressionable people.

Link to Author Site

Link to Desura

The game is available on Desura, there are also versions in italian and russian language. The download below is the english version.

The Kite v1.2e
41.7 MiB - 5,036 downloads

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  1. By Máté on June 25, 2012

    This looks interesting. How long is it?
    Also, earlier this day when I tried clicking more or comments it showed just code. I’m nut sure on which end was the error though.

    • Definetly not my type of game.. so i can t tell how long it is.. but ye the developer choosed an original and difficult thematic.. for the game…

      About the error, i must decide to update the website.. hopefully the errors will be fixed with updates.. thx for telling me through.

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