The Labyrinth of Time

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The Labyrinth of Time is a graphic adventure computer game created by Terra Nova Development, a two-man team composed of Bradley W. Schenck and Michal Todorovic. Intended to be the first in a series of games, The Labyrinth of Time was less successful than similar graphic adventures released around the same time, such as The 7th Guest and Myst. It is the sole game produced by Terra Nova Development. In the years after its release, The Labyrinth of Time was published on more recent platforms by The Wyrmkeep Entertainment Co. in collaboration with the original developers.

On December 7, 2004, The Labyrinth of Time was re-released by The Wyrmkeep Entertainment Co. for the Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, AmigaOS, and Linux. The new versions of the game restored some audio quality and added a breadcrumbs feature for navigating mazes, as well as porting the original code to Simple DirectMedia Layer. The Amiga version was released as freeware and can be downloaded from Aminet and its mirrors or as an .iso from the official site. The game was later ported to Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch. The Windows, Mac OS X and Linux versions of the game can be purchased at The Wyrmkeep Entertainment Co. web site.

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The game is for Amiga CD32, you can play it with an emulator.

The Labyrinth of Time (Amiga)
334.7 MiB - 295 downloads

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