One Night Trilogy


One Night Trilogy is a series of games in Dark Gaia’s RPG Maker VX made survival horror series.

In One Night: Full Circle, you must search for your missing sister Alyssa in the town of Stillwater, a place that has been a ghost town since an unknown catastrophe occured one fateful night six months ago. As you uncover the secrets of the town in search of your goal, you’ll also discover how the stories of the previous One Night games tie together and follow them through to the dramatic ending.

One Night 2: The Beyond is set almost thirty years before the original game, One Night 2 is a Lovecraftian adventure game where you must solve the mystery of Mairstone Manor, a house controlled by an ancient, malevolent evil, and discover the origins of the horror. With an eldritch presense of unknown origin bearing down upon you, it’s going to take everything you can muster to escape from Mairstone Manor alive.

One Night: The Ultimate Edition is an update and enhanced version of the first chapter of the saga. A frightening Resident Evil-esque experience, One Night challenges you to escape from “The Complex”, a crumbling, abandoned research facility while being hunted mercilessly by the remnants of a long forgotten experiment. Relentless monsters and difficult puzzles await around every corner – can you survive the horror?

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The Download include all the 3 chapters, author suggest to play them in succession, the last chapter is One Night: Full Circle.

One Night Trilogy
122.1 MiB - 990 downloads

A post on the Author’s Facebook page suggest that there is a 4 chapter in development..

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