Star Wars: The Old Republic going Free-to-Play

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This Fall SWTOR goes the Free-to-Play model, no subscription will be required! You will be able to download and play Star Wars: The Old Republic all the way up to level 50 for free, with gameplay restrictions that limit access to advanced features and group content. However, you will have the option to purchase services, items, and content to customize the gameplay experience. These purchases will be made available via the new Cartel Market and will allow you to choose the way that you want to enjoy the game.

A big mess or a good way to increase players population? Is the force strong in this MMO? 😆

Link to Official Site

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One Response to “Star Wars: The Old Republic going Free-to-Play”

  1. By mas on August 17, 2012

    i hope so. i started playing for republic cuz there is too many players massed to imperials, and u cant do pvp cuz u cant find republic player to play against.

    now warhammer online ended up with good side having too much player after f2p from darkside having too much player, i wonder how starwars online will end up to be.

    if imperial gets more users through this, this game might as well loose last chance of fixing the balance.

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