FunTition 2012 Gamepack


The Daily Click has organized a compo named FunTition 2012 Gamepack, here is a gamepack that includes all the entries (14 games).

Link to Compo Page (where you can download any single game and comment)

FunTition 2012 Gamepack
316.6 MiB - 450 downloads

The Games included in the Gamepack are:
Summer Doesn’t Exist In Alternate Dimensions by monkeytherat
Varanes (v 1.2) by Petric
Bug Blaster by Lobot
The Rainbow Runner by One Man Army Games
Trimpy by Eduardin
Summer Island by Rob Jones
McElroy ‘N’ Finn by Deaval
HEROE of the Summer by Zonacas
Summer Gauntlet by John Porter
Summer Fun by AndyUK
Burning Suns by SolarB
Alastal TLBFTGOS by Draq
Swedish Summer by Akai_R
Clyde’s Vacation by Chrilley

Note: Summer Gauntlet utilises the XVID codec to decompress video. Windows 7 should have native support for XVID videos (Untested). Previous versions of Windows require the free XVID codec installed in order to view cutscences and can be downloaded for free here: Codec Download

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