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Journey through Earth with your crazy home made machine!

Visit the Author Site (You can play the game directly in your browser there)

The mirror include the game, the soundtrack and the design document (if you are interested in game development)

90.1 MiB - 348 downloads

One day, a child playing in a sandbox digs a hole into a cavern beneath the playground. Not the sort to turn down the promise of adventure, the kid jumps into the hole and finds himself in a workshop, overlooking an enormous construction vehicle. The industrous child fashions weapons from the items around the workshop and sets out on a journey to China along the shortest possible route: through the very core of the Earth. But the kid is not alone down here, and strange creatures native to this underground environment are trying to stop him from reaching his destination.

In Imachination, you build your own unique vehicle bursting with quirky gadgets, from regular construction vehicle parts like a shovel to improvised weapons such as a laser cannon made out of a floodlight and a magnifying lens. In this spectacular machine, you delve into a hole in a sand box and find yourself in an underground world leading to the molten core of the Earth. But you are not alone in these strange subterranean caverns – exciting and funny monsters call these halls their home and will try to stop you from completing your journey to the other side of the Earth.

Experiment with different weapons and tactics to find the best way to defeat the strange monsters and take on their menacing bosses with powerful vehicles just like your own.

Imachination was created by a team of 13 students from 9 different universities and art schools in Denmark, coming together to make a game at The National Academy of Digital, Interactive Entertainment (DADIU). The target audience is children around the age of 6 or 7, and the game was produced with the Unity engine under the constraint that it must be playable using only a mouse and the left mouse button. The game took one month to make, including pre-production, and was finished on May 25th 2010.

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