Else Defender of Earth

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A nice game made by the Dadiu School Students.. a funny way to learn Geography.

On the North Pole the giant old lady Else is taking a quiet nap in her rocking chair when all of a sudden the President of Earth calls her. Our planet is under attack from alien UFOs! The alien motives are clear: to annihilate people from Earth. They strike relentlessly as they move from one glorious city to another. Else is our only remaining hope. She must travel around the world, find the cities under attack and liberate them. But she must consider each step carefully as time is scarce. If she loses orientation on the planet millions of lives could be lost. ELSE – Defender of Earth is an exciting geography edutainment game without the fact and quiz looking approach often seen in the genre, and the game provides a playful approach to learning. The primary target group is school kids aged 10-14 and by replaying the game the player will quickly start to memorize the very basics of geography of our planet.

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Else Defender of Earth
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3 Responses to “Else Defender of Earth”

  1. By Máté on September 16, 2012

    Why can’t I watch videos embedded here in fullscreen? Maybe it’s only if they are in HTML5 format?
    Also, I wish if Geography was only about finding places on a map.

  2. By Ede on September 16, 2012

    I have not the fullscreen problem, it works fine with SW Iron Browser 21!

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