Deep Space Bundle debuts

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Deep Space Bundle debuts and offers 7 more Sci-Fi Games for a pay-what-you want price!

All games are DRM-free, can be downloaded multiple times and by buying them you will be supporting both young creators via the Indie Dev Grant ($10 go to the Grant for every 100 sales) and an important charity: The Hellenic Centre for Mental Health and Treatment of Child and Family.

Link to Bundle in a Box

It is the pay-what-you want Bundle In A Box: Deep Space bundle; the second bundle by Kyttaro Games, that’s filled with sci-fi (deep space-themed to be exact) indie games and can be grabbed for PC and Mac for any price people care to pay.

Among its 8 games you’ll find:

Exclusive debut game Death Ray Manta (PC/Mac): psychedelic arena shooter that Rock Paper Shotgun has already deemed ‘Beautiful!’ and its creator Rob Fearon described as an “attempt at finding the videogame equivalent of the perfect 2 1/2 minute pop song”.

The demented, oneiric evolution of Tempest Space Giraffe (PC) by legendary Llamasoft founder Jeff Minter. A psychedelic shooter that spans 100 levels all set against vivid backgrounds that synchronize with your custom music selection.

The rest of this eclectic yet themed selection of games include TIE fighter inspired space-combat sim The Wreckless (PC/Mac), trippy Douglas Adams-esque RPG/adventure Dark Scavenger (PC/Mac), freshly released, deep sci-fi arcade Miner Wars Arena (PC/Mac), the official remake of classic Commodore 64 shoot-’em-up Armalyte (PC), the stunning Sol: Exodus (PC) and humorous retro-tastique platformer Robot Riot (PC/Mac).

Death Ray Manta Trailer

Dark Scavenger Trailer

The Wreckless Trailer

Armalyte Trailer

Sol: Exodus Trailer

Miner Wars Arena Trailer

Robot Riot Trailer

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