Arcade Game Studio Beta

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Arcade Game Studio is a program for making and playing games with the style and gameplay of the 80’s arcade games. Includes genres such as Run’n’Gun, vertical and horizontal Shooters or Platform games, so you will be able to make similar games to Pac-Man, Commando, 1942, Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins or Gauntlet, all with your own sprite sheets, pixel art, sound effects and music, and of course, with no coding at all.

This beta build is fully functional except: BUILD GAME FILE option and GAME ROOM screen are disabled, there is a limit of 20 elements for Stages, Actors, Tiles, Spritesets and Sounds.

Link to Official Site

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  1. By Marcos Castro on December 12, 2012

    A Lenda do Heroi (The Legend of Heroe) finally can be made! Ty!!

    Also watch this:

    And video 2:

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