Carny Death Peddlers

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Carny Death Peddlers is a classic-style beatemup with a simple plot.

Help Slappy the clown take back his amusement park from the undead and demonic forces building a portal to hell just before Halloween. Rejoice in smashing pumpkins, use anything at your disposal (knives, bombs, GUNS), give zombie Shakespeare English lessons, and be the last thing your foes ever chainsaw before their demise in this S4D 2012 beat’em up, Carny Death Peddlers!

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Linux: This is a Windows-only game. However this game seems to work smoothly, albeit without sound effects, under WINE.

Carny Death Peddlers
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  1. By Sternhammer on November 21, 2012

    Great stuff. I thought I was back on my SNES for a second there 🙂

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