Action Adventure World 1 and 2

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The Action Adventure World are 2 episodes of an original platform game!

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Action Adventure World 1 and 2
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Action Adventure World: The Game – World 1 In the City, featuring Duane Zuwala.

8Bit Duane is back and this time there is a bomb in his fuckin’ chest! Climb Walls, Jump over Spikes, and Commit Suicide in this Action Packed Adventure! 28 Levels of fist in your face awesomeness!

Action Adventure World: The Game – Episode 2: Attack of the Clones, featuring Duane Zuwala

8-Bit Duane is back and better than ever in this Action Packed Adventure.

Refusing Defeat, the evil Scientist fled and ran off to a near by Laboratory, run by a man named Mitch the Engineer. Catching up with him, 8Bit Duane falls into a trap and is cloned. Hearing of a Disturbance Mitch the engineer comes to investigate, and finds a ton of evil Duane clones destroying his laboratory. Will you help Mitch (an optional 2 Player Character) destroy the clones and retrieve your missing heart from evil? Damn right you will!

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