Dame in Black Case Episode 1

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Los Angeles 1944: the city is shocked by mysterious murders seemingly without meaning or connection – there’s a woman dressed in black, a politician, a corrupted… policeman – Is there a link between them? Will be someone able to unravel the mystery? One person is given the task of unravel it, risking his own life. Detective John Pileggi will face the worst case of his entire career: the murder of Susanne Long, the “Lady in Black”. And from that moment on, his life will never be the same.

Blumial Studios has released for free the first episode of The Dame in Black Case, a new adventure game developed for PC. In order to continue the development of the next two episodes, Blumial Studios has launched a campaign via Ulule to raise €10.000. All players who enjoyed the adventures of John Pileggi are able now to support the game; in return they will receive prizes and will be involved in the creation of the game.

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Dame in Black Case Ep1
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