WinSPWW2 And WinSPMBT Primed For Windows 7!

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These are 2 classic strategy wargames by Shrapnel Games and Camo Workshop.

Unlike previous versions of winSPWW2 (Steel Panthers WW2) and winSPMBT (Stel Panthers Main Battle Tank), gamers using recent versions of Windows no longer need to follow their own unique set of installation instructions. Both titles now install directly under Windows 7 without any special modifications by the user. So now whether you’re using an older version of Windows or booting up a newer computer, installation of winSPWW2 and winSPMBT is just a couple of clicks away.

Link to winSPWW2
Link to winSPMBT

These 2 games are the FREE editions, if you want you can buy an enhanced CD editions on Shrapnel website. Please visit Shrapnel site for more informations and to check their list of commercial games.

winSPWW2 v5.0
114.4 MiB - 137 downloads

winSPMBT v6.0
95.1 MiB - 118 downloads

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2 Responses to “WinSPWW2 And WinSPMBT Primed For Windows 7!”

  1. By Sternhammer on December 15, 2012

    Great stuff. Two fantastic HEX based strategy games. Big bonus that they now run native in Win7 as the setup of the old versions was a pain (but still well worth it).


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