Merry Christmas 2012 from G4G.IT!

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Merry Christmas from G4G.IT!

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4 Responses to “Merry Christmas 2012 from G4G.IT!”

  1. By BTL on December 24, 2012

    Merry Christmas to everyone!


  2. By Sternhammer on December 24, 2012

    And a VERY happy Christmas and new year to you too Firesword (and all at G4G.IT).

    Many thanks for all the great games etc you’ve showcased over 2012 and I look forward to hopefully more of the same in 2013.

    Have a great one.

  3. By qwerty on December 25, 2012

    Merry xmas to all, have a good time with family and friends 🙂

  4. By Junkmale on December 27, 2012

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year Firesword.
    Many, many thanks for all the wonderful games in 2012. Yet again another year goes by that i haven’t had to actually buy a game 🙂
    Keep up the great work in 2013.

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