CSDb – The C64 Scene Database

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I found this website some time ago, thanks to the incredible release of the Prince of Persia game for Commodore 64.. Give the site a go (if you don’t already knows it) a lot of good stuff is there..

Here are some interesting links, remember that to play this goodness you will need a real commodore 64 computer or an emulator.

Link to CSDb
Link to Prince of Persia C64
Link to Canabalt C64
Link to Sub Hunter C64
Link to Games List

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  1. By Sternhammer on December 29, 2012

    Being a retro nut (especially all things C64) I’ve known about this great site for a while but I’m really glad you’ve posted it so others can relive the good old days as well.

    As always, thanks.

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